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Health Coaching with Tanja Blinkhorn


Learn to thrive, not just survive!


Health Coaching with

Tanja Blinkhorn

Learn to thrive, not just survive

Questions you might have

Who is right for health coaching with me?

Would you like someone to be there for you to help you achieve the health outcomes you seek?  Are you looking for accountability and are serious about investing in your own health & wellbeing? Do you want to do all this with a sense of fun? Then we are a good match for each other!

What does health coaching involve?

Health coaching is a series of one-on-one sessions between you and me during which we work through health, wellbeing and life issues that are important to you. This includes a ‘values session’ and a ‘goal setting session’.  I am in touch regularly via text or email outside our scheduled sessions.

What exactly does a coach do and how does having one help specifically?

“A coach facilitates healthy, sustainable behaviour change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values and transform their goals into actions.”  HuffPost 2015

As a coach I nurture the nurturer.

Will I have access to my coach outside my sessions?

Yes, clients receive email or phone support for those moments when you need them most.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Of course!  Everything we talk about during our coaching sessions stays strictly between you and me…what happens in the coaching room, stays in the coaching room!

What is a ‘Values Session”?

Values are often unconscious. Nevertheless they influence our emotional decisions and have a massive impact on our motivation levels. Once you know clearly what your values are, you can use them to positively and enthusiastically move forward with your plans and goals.

You’ll find your Values Session inspiring and profound, and it will uncover your true nature and what drives your actions.

What is a ‘Goal Setting’ session?

In your Goal Setting Session I encourage you to pick ‘a chunky’ goal.  One that is within sight and that requires you to stretch out of your comfort zone.
I use the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. goal setting method, developed by Stephanie Philp at MetaMorphosis Ltd
When you have a clearly defined goal and the understanding on how to make it work, it will become your new reality.

Will I see a return on my investment?

Yes.  Having a fulfilling life, a thriving family and confidently creating your own path forward is dependent on your health and happiness.  You can’t afford not to invest in your health!

I am already struggling to fit everything I have to do into my weekly routine and now I have to find time for health coaching sessions as well?!

I hear you.  I have been there.  I can help.


“When you are WELL

ANYTHING is possible”

“You helped me tremendously by helping to put my wellness first.

I have not only practiced but mastered on some level, how to lock away any appreciation for ’self healing’ and our sessions gave me permission to rest and be calm, something that even today is a challenge to relearn daily, however, good things take time.

What I was looking for when signing up was to find the things that I was missing, and even though intellectually I understood what needed to be done, your insistence made me practice on a daily basis.

Today, the weight continues to drop and my body feels like its finding its own healthy homeostasis, and, I’m making better choices while making life fun.

Thank you again Tanja”

Joanne Melbourne

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