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Health Coaching with

Tanja Blinkhorn

Learn to thrive, not just survive

My Story

As a young woman I did not know that ‘women of a certain age’ (who the hell came up with that term?) suffer from brain fogginess, lack of energy, lower libido, mood swings, poor sleep and loss of vibrancy. Many women also experience weight gain, hot flushes and skin problems. 

As a young woman I did not know that I, who always had a 5-year plan, goals and a to do list, would find myself wondering what comes next in life, now that my children aren’t far from leaving home.   

What is it that I really want?
What do I want to pursue?
What can I do?
What is my purpose now?
What might my dreams be?
Do I have any left?

 And most importantly, where on earth will I find the energy and capacity to even contemplate the answer to these questions?

I, who as a young woman was full of energy, the cheerleader to my children and my friends, for whom “the glass was always half full and the other half yummy” found myself exhausted and overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with yet another nutritious dinner.

I had reached that ‘certain age’.

For me that age was 48 and I still did not ‘know’ any of these things, but I did ‘experience’ them. Why hadn’t anyone told me?  Why didn’t I know?  Why weren’t my friends talking about this?  Why was this just quietly accepted?

It was at that time, when I found myself sitting on the floor weeping one morning at 8:00 after everyone had left for school and work, that I decided that I wanted to make a positive difference to women when they reach this phase of change.

And yes, the irony of my tear streaked face, the cold wooden floor beneath me and my fresh resolve of wanting to help other women, was apparent, even then.

That morning I decided to put into action some of the things that I already knew would work.  First of all I went for a walk around my local park.  Then I pulled out my gratitude journal, as even on that morning there were plenty of things to be grateful for, once I took the time to notice them.

Later that day I remembered my yoga teacher training and actually took some conscious relaxed belly breaths.  Oh, the irony…

These small steps started me off on my way to becoming a NLP Practitioner, coach and health coach, leading me to you right now.

This process was a journey.

“It’s the little things that make the big things happen”

I changed lots of little things and over time they led me to the big things that I wanted to achieve. 

Thanks to skillful coaching, wise mentorship, my own openness to new learning and many more deep breaths I not only have a new career that I love, but I am enjoying my second half of life with amazing energy, fantastic health and exciting dreams.

Today I know and experience that this phase of change in a woman’s life can be the key to joy and freedom after forty. It can and should be a time of energy, mental clarity and health.  It can and should be a moment for redefining the future with new learning and a time for exciting new experiences.

This time in life is an awakening, which allows us to think and dream beyond that which we have been doing and thinking until now.

Your time is now!

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