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Health Coaching with Tanja Blinkhorn


Learn to thrive, not just survive!


Health Coaching with

Tanja Blinkhorn

Learn to thrive, not just survive

Hi, I’m Tanja!

As a Health Coach I help women in their second half of life regain their ideal health & weight and to release their stress. 

From this point of fresh mental clarity and renewed energy I believe women can create a vision for how they truly want to live.

What is stopping you from being at your optimal health and weight right now?

I know it is hard to stay on top of your own health with everything else happening in your life.  You will benefit from a safe place to reflect on what’s really going on, explore your thoughts and talk through your personal health challenges in confidence.

Where has your energy gone?

And more importantly, would you like it back?  Everything is easier when you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.  I will explain to you how you can regain your energy, so that you can embrace each day with vitality and zest.

How much easier would daily life be if you came from a place of clarity and calm?

I offer to teach you how to effectively release stress in your life and find pockets of stillness every day, so that you come from this vantage point of calm and are in a better position to make good decisions.

Who do you want to become?

Limiting beliefs and fears may hold you back from confidently walking towards a fresh future.  We can explore these together and change what no longer serves you, so that you can grow into your true power to create the space in your life to become more.

How will you live your best life?

You are driven by your values and make decisions based on them. We all do.  However, you may not be clearly aware of what your values are.  I facilitate your ‘values session’, so that you can harness their full potential to help you live your best life.

Learn with someone who’s been there…….read my story.


Navigate this time of your life with energy and good health

I hear you.  I see you.  I am you!  

Now, let’s be clear, I can’t take away your laugh lines or smooth out your skin, but I can teach you how to have the energy and focus you need to create a vision for how you want to live your life. 

I do this by:

  • Giving you the latest scientific knowledge in nutrition, behavioural science and lifestyle medicine, so that you can make informed decisions towards your optimal health.
  • Helping you release your stress and feelings of overwhelm, so that you can feel calm and have clarity to make sound choices.
  • Showing you the best routines and skills to optimise your sleep, so that you can show up with vitality each day.
  • Helping you to overcome limiting beliefs, so that you can set fresh goals for the second half of your life.
  • Sharing educational resources and practical help, so that you have all the tools necessary to create an environment for success.

As your coach, you can expect me to listen to you with a soft heart and deep understanding as we work towards reaching your goals. You can also expect courageous and honest conversations.

And because creating the ‘best you’ is also fun, we make sure to have a laugh while we are at it!


Your success is fundamental to how I measure my success.

put your health first

start your coaching today!

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