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Health Coaching with Tanja Blinkhorn


Learn to thrive, not just survive!


Health Coaching with

Tanja Blinkhorn

Learn to thrive, not just survive

Having arrived on this page your transformation has already begun.

“Your Time is Now”

Live your life from a place of clarity and energy!

Through our work together you gain:

 Mental Clarity

Renewed Energy and Vitality

Calmness in Body and Mind

Optimal Health and Weight

Powerful New Habits that Serve you Well

Ability to Tap into your Own Rich Resources

Awareness of the Values that Motivate You

Ability to Set and Achieve Goals





Together we create a powerful structure for you to succeed.

What to do now

Book your 45 minute complimentary conversation. This is a no pressure, no obligation chat where we discuss your needs and goals. This allows us to get to know each other and plan the way forward. I’m excited to meet you.

“Working with Tanja is like getting a fierce ally in your corner, someone who is going to go to bat for you and your health. Like so many women in midlife, I was (and am) in the thick of perimenopause, huge life transitions, parenting teens and running a business. I had almost come to accept that lacking energy and vitality was normal, because pretty much every woman around me felt the same.

Tanja helped me see that it was not just possible to feel great again but it was how I was supposed to feel. We created goals together that were achievable and sustainable and reflected how I live my life and my unique circumstances. Tanja guided me to reconnect to what I value the most – so the changes would stick. I’m now entering 2020 with renewed and plentiful energy, a smaller dress size and most importantly I feel happy and content.”

Morna Haist

CEO & Founder, Revolutionary Woman

Positive Change


4 Week Health Coaching Package 

During our four weeks together you gain the foundations for positive change.

You set and achieve a short term goal.

You experience, in mind and body, that change is possible and achievable.




One off Investment – $397

Zest and Vitality


12 Week Health Coaching Package 

During our 12 weeks you learn powerful habits which continue to serve you for the second half of your life.

You set and achieve a bigger goal.

You understand your personal values and how they impact your motivational levels. This allows you to move forward with your plans and goals.

You implement lots of small changes that lead to big results.

You feel the fresh zest and vitality you have been longing for.

Your mind is clearer to make resourceful decisions and you experience ‘calm’ regularly.

You are thriving and no longer surviving!

One off Investment – $1197
Monthly Payment Plan Available

Total Transformation


6 Month Health Coaching Package

 During our six months the powerful changes you learn become deep seated and part of the new you.

You achieve the goal that stretches you out of your comfort zone.

‘Calm’ is the new you and clarity and energy is what you experience daily.

You feel healthy, strong and energetic and you are striding towards what you want to create.

Understanding and living your personal values positively impacts your decision making and your motivation towards that next big goal.

You have overcome limiting beliefs and fears that have stopped you in the past.

You are transformed. 

One off Investment – $2297
Monthly Payment Plan Available

My Core Beliefs

Thriving not surviving

I believe that when we aim to be the best version of ourselves in body, mind and spirit then we will be more content and at peace and have more to offer the people we love.


I believe everyone has the ability to change their own thoughts, behaviour, speech and actions to achieve their desired outcome.

Lifelong learning

I believe we are all lifelong learners with the capacity and desire for continuous growth.

We have all the inner resources we need to change.

I believe there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful mindsets.

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